Hywel Davies and Barbara Drinkwater moved to live in Whitstable after retiring from their separate employments in London - Hywel in Local Government, and Barbara in Education.

Retirement has given them the time to indulge their respective interests in Photography (especially the digital manipulation thereof) and Arts and Crafts (Acrylic painting, Jewellery, and Felt products especially).

On this site within the various galleries, you will find examples of our work, which we hope you will enjoy. Follow the "Images" or "New Images" links above to see what we have produced.

Why "Avocets and Oysters"?

Whitstable is historically associated with oysters and one of Barbara's recurring themes in her paintings is a load of oysters prepared for eating. Hence the "Oysters" element of the name.

As an enthusiast of nature, the success story of the Avocet (the emblem of the RSPB) in Britain has always been of interest to Hywel. A bird that in the 1950s was virtually unseen in Britain, is now seen in large flocks along the North Kent coast (especially at Oare Marshes). It therefore seemed appropriate to combine these icons of the area in our chosen name.